Our Services

Tanks and steel can often be susceptible to corrosion. Once rust arises under the steels protective coating, its integrity can be comprised. Our industrial painters and sandblasters have many years of experience and will maximize the useful life of the substrate. Whether it’s sandblasting the interior of your storage tank and applying a high performance epoxy or plural component coating system, coating the exterior of your oil tank, or media blasting and coating your steel support beams Assiniboine Industrial Services has the solution for you.

AIS has a brand new facility including and 70 foot paint booth. Anything that can be transported, whether its a piece of farm machinery, truck/trailer mounted apparatus, or large manufactured components, year round media blasting and painting is available.

Coating Services
AIS provides a wide range of coating services from high performance coatings, immersion grade linings, high temperature and chemical resistant linings, traditional coatings, secondary containment coatings as well as field touch ups.

We have mobile units assembled and ready to tackle any project large or small. We are experienced in internal and external coatings of storage tanks, vessels, structural steel, pipe spools, farm equipment, frac tank lining, highway truck/trailer refinishing, and secondary containments.

Media Blasting Services
AIS has experience with various blast media and years of experience with this method of surface preparation. We have trained sandblasting professionals that are familiar with the latest industry techniques and SSPC sandblasting standards. Our mobile units let us bring our expertise and professionalism directly to you.

AIS uses a variety of media, including grit blasting, walnut shells, corn husks, soda, glass, plastic and steel.

Spray Foam Application Services
AIS is also proud to offer the installation of Spray Foam. Application can be done on commercial, residential and industrial structures. Foam insulation combats heat loss and air infiltration better than any other standard insulation system. Unlike traditional insulation, it won’t contribute to moisture-related decay and mould. This foam application can be done at our in-house location or through the use of our mobile unit.

Vacuum Truck Service
AIS is pleased to announce the addition of our NEW vacuum truck. AIS Vacuum Truck Services provides a new, state of the art vacuum truck outfitted to meet all regulatory requirements. On a plant location or out in the field, we can mobilize to clean out sumps and tanks, or transfer product from vessel to vessel. We also provide the transportation and disposal of industrial and hazardous waste.

We deliver integrated vacuum truck services for virtually every industrial, municipal or residential requirement. From routine sewage hauling to complex cleaning operations in hazardous work environments, we have the equipment, experience, and trained personnel to get the job done.